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Neueste Bewertungen über uns
I am very happy with the attention of Gocdkeys, I had a problem with one of the suppliers and they have been more attentive than anyone. I have bought a few times and I have never had any problems with them, only with one supplier recently.
I had a problem with being redirected to a game (Mini Metro) that was very similar to the game I really wanted to buy (Mini Motorways) and didn't realize it until I had already bought the game by mistake. I emailed Gocdkeys to report the bug and by the next morning they had already fixed the redirect bug and were more than happy to give me the game I initially wanted to buy for free. I have already received the game (now I have both). They have responded very quickly to all my emails and in a very professional manner. More than happy with gocdkeys, I've been using it for years and now you can be sure I'll keep using it.
I bought a key from the provider Enjify via the platform Gocdkeys. I received the key, but for a completely different game. I have written to Enjify several times but my mails were ignored. So that no one else makes the same mistake that I made. I submitted a rating on the Gocdkeys platform, Enjify. One day later I received a mail from Luis. He was able to help me within 3 days to the point that the provider refunded all my money. About the platform Gocdkeys I will continue to order (purchases made), but avoid the provider Enjify.
I have no experience with this company and I doubt I will anytime soon. I came here to see if I could trust it and was excited to see the great reviews but when I noticed many of the reviews said “in addition to” I started looking at the names and after seeing these fake names (most not even names just random letters put together that spell absolutely nothing) I got a very strong feeling the reviews were fake and that’s enough for me to not trust this site. I honestly trust it less based on everything I just said. That’s worse than a few fake reviews to me.
Uriel Naess
The best and my favorite Key price comparator page , Amazing prices ,they give you discount codes for other pages too , and you can get games for free, they have very good attention and service 100% recommended!
George Koursioumis
A very good site to check prices between vendors. My personal go to when i want to compare prices. Trustworthy, and immediate to support people when contacted. Give them a try